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HMRC Board appear to avoid tax

You just couldn’t make it up. A few days after (not so) poor Jimmy Carr is castegated by our PM, who had just finished telling the high earning french to come here to avoid french tax rates, Dispatches reported the use of offshore tax havens connecting to HMRC Board members.

The findings of a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation into the commercial activities of the board of Directors at HMRC includes several allegations:
Phil Hodkinson, a revenue director who chairs HMRC’s ethics committee earns more than £100,000 a year from FTSE 100 firm Resolution Ltd incorporated in Guernsey.

John Spence, a revenue director who until 30th June was on the board and chaired HMRC’s audit committee is also the chairman of major estate agent and financial services group SpicerHaart two of whose employees offered to help with schemes to to avoid stamp duty. One said he had facilitated stamp duty avoidance for millionaires from India and China. The programme also discovered that Apex Credit Management Ltd – a debt collecting agency the HMRC has awarded a contract to collect millions of unpaid taxes – is controlled by Anacap Financial Partners LP – a firm based in the tax haven of Guernsey.

Are we still all in it together?