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Here are the values we live and work by:

We are committed and dedicated to your success

We show honest and integrity in all our dealings with you, HMRC and other government or regulatory bodies

We show politeness, enthusiasm and a positive attitude to you and your business at all times

We offer clarity in all our communications with you including jargon-free reporting

We display a profit-focusedentrepreneurial spirit that reflects your approach to business

We produce accounts, tax returns etc in a timely and efficient manner

We have independence and objectivity whenever we produce reports and information for you

It is our intention, always, to create an excellent working relationship with you; one that’s fair and open and founded on two-way trust.

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Your Digital Accountant Ltd professional accountants in Sunderland: Our 3 promises

It’s a cornerstone of our business that our clients should always get great customer service – something most accountants are notoriously poor at! And that starts with being completely transparent about fees.


Promise 1: Fixed fees
One of the most frequent complaints made against accountancy firms by clients is not being made aware, in advance, of the fees to be charged. That’s why, when it comes to fees, you’ll find we’re completely transparent. We have a Fixed Fee Policy, and our ‘No Surprise’ Guarantee means you can rely on the quote we give you – 100%.


Promise 2: No charge for meetings or phone calls
We also understand how annoying it is to be charged for time on the phone or in meetings. There’s nothing worse than knowing the clock is ticking when you want a simple piece of advice. That’s why you get unlimited access to the entire team at Your Digital Accountant Ltd – at any time – for general advice and information without any additional charge.


Promise 3: We’ll always be available to talk to you
Another bug-bear of accountants’ clients is the availability of the partner in charge of your account. All too often they seem to be ‘in a meeting’ or ‘can’t be disturbed’! We make sure that if you want to speak to the partner in charge of your work at Your Digital Accountant Ltd, you can do so at any time.

It really is that simple. You’ll find we are always available by telephone or email and promise to get back to you with a response to your query within 4 working hours.